About Us

Sin Zhao Engineering Sdn Bhd

Specialize in welding, Lathe machining & Fabrication of all kinds of gears, shafts, metal spray, industrial roller & repair

About us

Sin Zhao Engineering Sdn Bhd is a leading engineering company. Since inception in 2007, located strategically in Johor Bahru, Sin Zhao Engineering has been providing its specialized welding and fabrication services fitted to many commercial and industrial project requirements throughout Malaysia, and Southeast Asia.

Striving for bespoke welding and fabrication excellence, we pride ourselves on being exceptional in workmanship, delivering high quality metal works through comprehensive processes from design, production, to final installation and maintenance.

At Sin Zhao Engineering, our team of highly skilled engineers and experts is specialized in welding, lathe machining and metal work fabrication of all types of gears, shafts, metal spray, industrial rollers etc.

We weld and fabricate at competitive prices, visit www.sinzhaoengineering.com.my and/or contact us for more info today.